Cycle path

There is a cycle path through Ražanj marked with the number 132. The circuit is 12.1km long and is ideal for a family trip. More detailed information can be found here: Bicycle rental is available in the village.

Hill Movar

The Movar hill towers above Razanj, dominated by a fortress built by Napoleon’s army. However, many locals believe its history goes back much further. The magnificent view from the fortress allows you to observe not only the shores of Italy in good weather, but if you’re lucky you’ll also spot pods of dolphins. The feelings describing the experience of a visitor to Movar can be expressed in two words: ENDLESS BLUE. Tourists come to Movar to spend a day picnic and always come back with lots of beautiful photos. On foot it is about 800 meters from the road.

Punta Planka Church

The church is located on Cape Planka, in a barren, rocky landscape and is a protected religious heritage site. It was built to commemorate a miraculous event: according to legend, the ship on which St. John (Bishop of Trogir 1062) and King Koloman were sailing was wrecked off Cape Planka. St. John of Trogir saved not only all the sailors but also the cargo. He miraculously walked on the sea. The church is oriented in the east-west direction, has a rectangular powder room with a semicircular apse, and inside there is a simple altar.


Ražanj is a peaceful village between Primosten and Rogoznica. Beautiful nature full of pine forests, beautiful beaches and clear sea are among the attractions of this area. Ražanj is an excellent place for a quiet family holiday in unspoilt nature. Sports fans can try diving, fishing and various other sports. Motorbikes and motorboats can be rented for travelling around the area. Several restaurants offer Dalmatian cuisine specialities. If you are looking for nightlife, you will find it in nearby Rogoznica, where you can visit one of the “Fisherman’s Nights”. For those who like to party until the wee hours of the morning, the “Aurora” club just outside Primosten is the perfect place for you.


Trogir has the reputation of Croatia’s “Little Venice”. The picturesque island town is less than 30km from Razanj and is definitely worth a visit. The island is connected to the mainland by two bridges and you can see a number of ancient monuments. The historic centre of Trogir is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Cathedral of St. James – Sibenik

The cathedral is considered one of the most beautiful buildings of the European late Middle Ages. The monument is administered by the Croatian Roman Catholic Church. It has been a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 2000.

Krka National Park

In the Croatian national park, less than 100km from Razanj, you will find a system of rapids, cascades and waterfalls under which swimming is allowed. You can go on an adventurous boat trip through the Krka River canyon to the Roš waterfall and Visovac island, where a visit to the Franciscan monastery and museum beckons.

Our Lady Of Loretto Statue

The largest monument to Our Lady of Loreto in the world was unveiled in Primosten, a popular North Dalmatian resort. The monumental statue, with a pedestal 17 metres high and weighing 45 tonnes, stands on the Gaj hill above Primosten (173 metres above sea level), facing Primosten. Primosten Mayor Stipe Petrina, the main initiator of the construction of the monument, stressed on that occasion that a 45-year-old dream has finally turned into reality. The ceremony was attended by hundreds of people, representatives of the Church, the municipality and the fraternal town of Loreto